I joined the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research at Newcastle University in 2018 to start a PhD project with Dr Sarah Pickett. In 2022, I completed this project and now I work as a Research Associate in Sarah’s group. This has provided me with an excellent opportunity to continue to build upon the results generated during my PhD, as well as further our research to address new questions.

Research Project

Understanding the nuclear genetic architecture of m.3243A>G-related disease.

Principal Investigators: Dr Sarah Pickett

Project Details

My work focuses on trying to understand why people respond to mitochondrial variants differently. To do this, I focus on a population of people who carry the most common disease-causing mutations found in mitochondrial DNA, known as the m.3243A>G mutation. This mutation has been linked to a wide variety of disease symptoms including diabetes, hearing loss, and severe neurological conditions such as stroke-like episodes. By trying to understand why people respond differently to this mutation, I hope that my work is able to provide patients and clinicians with a better understanding of disease progression and prognosis.

Contact: [email protected]

Sponsor/funder: Wellcome