Patient and Public

One of the things we most value is the continued relationship with our patients and their supporters. In addition to our research strategy we are very committed to keeping patients and families fully informed of new advances in mitochondrial research and explaining the complexities of mitochondrial disease.



The main role of mitochondria is to convert energy, and they are often referred to as the powerhouses of the cells.

What do Mitochondria look like?

For many decades mitochondria were believed to be shaped like a baked bean, and when we look under high powered microscopes at the mitochondria they often do. However mitochondria are often not found like this and the majority of the time they join together to form beautiful branched networks that fill the cell they are in (see picture above) These networks are constantly changing and reshaping.



The Newcastle Mitochondrial Clinic deals with the complex issues of diagnosis and subsequent management of mitochondrial disease.


Our Patient Days

Annually we invite over 100 of our patients to attend a patient day in Newcastle. We provide an opportunity for patients to interact informally with each other and with our scientists.