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Mitochondrial diseases are an important group of inherited disorders that result in a defective mitochondrial respiratory chain. Despite this, the management of these conditions remains a poorly researched area and there is little expert advice available for the treatment of specific aspects of mitochondrial disease. Multi system involvement is also common and this can pose additional management dilemmas for doctors. The Newcastle Mitochondrial Disease Clinical Guidelines aim to provide expert guidance to health professionals in the management of mitochondrial disease.

Within these pages we aim to offer guidance on specific aspects of mitochondrial disease. We have started by publishing the ‘Cardiac Guidelines in Adult Mitochondrial Disease’, but will add additional guidelines as soon as they are available. Until then, guidance can be accessed from the Newcastle Mitochondrial Team as it has been in the past, either in The Mitochondrial Clinic or by contacting one of the mitochondrial team directly.

The guidelines have been developed using consensus expert opinion sourced from the National Commissioning Group Service for Rare Mitochondrial Diseases for Adults and Children in Newcastle with associated experts from other hospitals.

Mitochondrial Consensus Guidelines

Consensus based statements for the management of stroke-like episodes

Safety of drug use in patients with mitochondrial disease

Mitochondrial Clinical Guidelines

Anaesthesia Peri-Operative Care Guidelines

Updated Cardiology Guidelines

Updated Diabetes Guidelines

Epilepsy Guidelines

Gastrointestinal Guidelines

Neuropathy Guidelines

Ophthalmology Guidelines

Pregnancy Guidelines

Respiratory Guidelines

Paediatric constipation guidelines

Physiotherapy Guidelines

At A Glance Clinical Guidelines

At a Glance Anaesthesia and Peri-Operative Guidelines

At a Glance Cardiology Guidelines

At a Glance Epilepsy Guidelines

At a Glance Gastrointestinal Guidelines

At a Glance Neuropathy Guidelines

At a Glance Ophthalmology Guidelines

At a Glance Pregnancy Guidelines

At a Glance Respiratory Guidelines

At a Glance Paediatric Screening and Surveillance Guidelines

At a Glance Paediatric Varicella Vaccine Guidelines

At a Glance Paediatric Constipation Guidelines

At a Glance Paediatric Perioperative Guidelines

At a Glance Physiotherapy Guidelines

At a Glance Adult Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction Guidelines