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Oliver Russell


I am a Research associate in Professor Doug Turnbull’s lab but I am also supervised by Professor Robert Lightowlers. My research is looking at ways we can target drugs to mitochondria and screen potential therapeutics. I decided to work with mitochondria as they are very complex organelles which can have a huge impact when they go wrong. I’m interested in mitochondrial disease treatments as this is a very under studied area of research and I hope to be able to make in impact in treating these diseases.

Research Project

Principal Investigators: Professor Doug Turnbull and Professor Robert Lightowlers

Project Details

There are currently very limited treatment strategies for mitochondrial disease. While the symptoms and effects of mitochondrial disease are manageable, mitochondrially acting drugs are still relatively few. There is an urgent need for mitochondrially acting therapeutics.

My project is looking at ways we can target drugs to the mitochondrion to improve the function of the diseased organelles. I am also developing a large scale drug screen to enable us to investigate previously untested novel compounds to see if they can improve the function of diseased mitochondria. Initially the screen will involve thousands of compounds, but we aim to investigate a library of 2 million potential therapeutics.

Email: oliver.russell@newcastle.ac.uk
Sponser/Funder: Newcastle University Centre for Brain Ageing and Vitality