Dr Katja Menger

Research Associate


I received my Bsc and Msc in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology from the University of Oulu, Finland where I developed an initial interest in mitochondrial biology studying mitochondrial fatty acid synthesis. In 2009 I began the studies for a PhD at the MRC MBU in the group of Dr Mike Murphy, investigating the effect of oxidative stress on the fly proteome with a focus on the mitochondrial redox environment. After the completion of my PhD in 2014 I moved on to a Postdoc position in the lab of Prof Robin Ali at the Institute of Ophthalmology, UCL, to investigate the role of mitochondrial oxidative stress in photoreceptor degeneration.

I have since joined the group of Dr Tom Nicholls to elucidate the role of new proteins involved in mitochondrial DNA replication and distribution.

Research Focus

Mitochondrial DNA maintenance, propagation and disease.

Human cells contain several thousand copies of the mitochondrial genome (mtDNA) which are packaged into nucleoprotein complexes termed nucleoids. These genomes are replicated throughout the cell cycle, and are found evenly distributed around the dynamic mitochondrial network. At the end of mtDNA replication the genomes must be disentangled and resolved, before then being distributed within the cell. Our work uses molecular, biochemical and cell biology techniques to study these processes in human cells. The aims of this work are: (1) to determine how mtDNA is disentangled following DNA replication; (2) to identify and characterise factors that are required for mtDNA resolution and segregation; and (3) to elucidate the molecular basis of human mitochondrial diseases linked to impaired mtDNA resolution and segregation.

Sponsor/funder: Wellcome Trust


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