Wellcome Trust Centre For Mitochondrial Research

Dr Brendan Payne


I am a Clinical Academic Consultant in Infectious Diseases and Virology. I am interested in the interplay of chronic infection, especially HIV, and the biological ageing process.

Qualifications: BMedSci, BMBS, MRCP, FRCPath, DipHIVMed, PhD

Research Project

The Molecular Basis of Ageing in HIV Infection

Principal Investigators: Dr Brendan Payne

Project details

Older HIV-infected patients experience accelerated frailty and physical decline, despite successful suppression of viral replication with anti-retroviral therapy. The reasons for this apparent acceleration of ageing are not well understood. We approach this question from the cellular and molecular level by studying the changes that occur in mitochondrial DNA during the normal ageing process and assessing how they are affected by HIV and anti-retroviral therapy. We use a combination of studies on human tissue to identify molecular phenomena, combined with model systems to explore causal mechanisms. We draw heavily on cutting-edge sequencing techniques, including single-cell sequencing in order to characterise mitochondrial DNA mutations.

Contact: Brendan.Payne@ncl.ac.uk

Sponsor/funder: Wellcome Trust  (Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for Clinicians)

Relevant publications:

Payne BAI, Gardner K, Blakely EL, Maddison P, Horvath R, Taylor RW, Chinnery PF (2015). Clinical and pathological features of mitochondrial DNA deletion disease following anti-retroviral treatment. JAMA Neurology 72(5):603-5

Payne BAI, Hollingsworth KG, Baxter J, Wilkins E, Lee V, Price DA, Trenell M, Chinnery PF (2014). In vivo mitochondrial function in HIV-infected persons treated with contemporary anti-retroviral therapy: a magnetic resonance spectroscopy study. PLoS One 9(1):e84678

Payne BAI, Wilson IJ, Yu-Wai-Man P, Coxhead J, Deehan D, Horvath R, Taylor RW, Samuels DC, Santibanez-Koref M, Chinnery PF (2013). Universal heteroplasmy of human mitochondrial DNA. Hum Mol Genet. 22(2):384-90

Payne BAI, Wilson IJ, Hateley CA, Horvath R, Santibanez-Koref M, Samuels DC, Price DA, Chinnery PF (2011). Mitochondrial aging is accelerated by anti-retroviral therapy through the rapid clonal expansion of mtDNA mutations. Nature Genetics. 43(8):806-10