Wellcome Trust Centre For Mitochondrial Research

Chun Chen

Personal Biography

I was a medical trainee from China and joined the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research at Newcastle University in 2015 to pursue a PhD with Dr Amy Reeve and Professor Sir Doug Turnbull. My main motivation stems from the patients I have encountered as a doctor and wanting to gain a further understanding into neurodegenerative diseases. My PhD project focused on the response of human substantia nigra neurons to mitochondrial dysfunction. I achieved my PhD in June 2019, and stayed in the Centre as a post-doctoral scientist to continue investigating the consequence of mitochondrial dysfunction in neurodegeneration.

Research Project 

Can pathways which control mitochondrial genesis and distribution reveal biomarkers for Parkinson’s Disease?

Principal Investigator: Dr Amy Reeve

Other staff members involved: Prof Sir Doug Turnbull

Project Details

Mitochondrial dysfunction is important in the pathogenesis of both inherited and acquired Parkinson’s disease (PD). Such changes are well documented in the neurons of the substantia nigra (SN) and are highly likely to contribute to the neuronal death observed in patients with PD. Similar defects of mitochondrial dysfunction are seen in the substantial nigra of patients with inherited mitochondrial disease but no neuronal loss is observed. The aim of this work is (1) to determine the mechanisms protecting SN neurons in the brains of patients with inherited mitochondrial disease by comparison with the changes seen in brain tissue from patients with PD. (2) to identify new biomarkers and therapeutic avenues for patients with PD by using mass cytometric technology.

Sponsor/funder: Michael J Fox Foundation


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Contact: Chun.chen@ncl.ac.uk