WCMR Science Seminar Series

In a recent WCMR Science Seminar, we heard from Dr Oksana Pogoryelova about the KHENERGYZE clinical trial that aims to further assess the efficacy of Sonlicromanol in individuals with mitochondrial disease. A brief overview of her talk is provided below. 

Translational research and clinical trials in particular are very important for mitochondrial diseases. Khenergyze is one of a very few clinical trials looking to address cognitive function and migraines in people with mitochondrial disease. This is a multicentre randomised, placebo controlled, cross-over study that is looking at safety and efficacy of a new small molecule called Sonlicromanol. In this presentation, I tried to take a look at the obstacles in clinical trial recruitment in mitochondrial diseases. In addition, I also provided a brief review of Solnicormanol published preclinical and clinical research.