WCMR PhD Opportunity

PhD Overview

Mitochondrial diseases are among the most common genetically determined metabolic diseases. These diseases are challenging both from a clinical and a treatment perspective since they can affect virtually any organ and may present at any age.  Treatments for mitochondrial diseases are currently focused on symptomatic management rather than improving the biochemical defect caused by a particular mutation.  The focus of this PhD studentship will be to deliver significant improvements in therapeutics discovery and development.  The project will continue the development of a series of molecules designed to alleviate mitochondrial dysfunction.  Using a range of cell-based assays, the successful applicant will characterise the effect of the compounds in various models of mitochondrial disease.  Please contact Dr Russell for further information (email address below).

Sponsor: Bates Fellowship

Name of supervisor(s):

Dr Oliver Russell, Translational and Clinical Research Institute: [email protected]

Professor Robert Lightowlers, Biosciences Institute: [email protected]

Eligibility Criteria: You must have, or expect to achieve, at least a 2:1 Honours degree in biomedicine, pharmacology or a related area. A further qualification such as an MSc or MRes is advantageous. Funding covers home fees banding only.