The symposium is funded by a Newcastle University Humanities Research Institute (NUHRI) challenge lab award NUHRI was founded to catalyse, coordinate and support research in the humanities at Newcastle, and to promote the humanities both within and beyond the University.

The symposium aims:

  • To challenge the notion (common in sciences) that arts and humanities are useful tools employed to just illustrate Medicine
  • To form an interdisciplinary dialogue examining how the arts and humanities affect:
    • The way scientists think about their research.
    • The way public and patients think about scientists and their

To articulate new insights the arts and humanities have created through the study of the human experiences of mitochondrial disease.

The agenda for the day is as follows:

  • 1.30-2.15pm: An introduction into the gallery with a tour of the exhibition and artists talking briefly about their work.
  • 2.15-2.30pm Tea and coffee at Ampersand
  • 2.30-3.10pm: Four invited speakers talking for 10 mins each. Each speaker then identities an issue/question that will be used by groups around tables for discussion.
  • 3.10-4.30pm Round table discussion session based on questions/discussion points posed by the speakers.
  • 4.30-5pm: Summing up­.
  • 5pm: preview event in the gallery for event participants and for other invitees.

To book your place at the symposium event please register here:

Valence- Interactive Symposium