The 2015 Mitochondrial Patient Information Day took place on Wednesday 18th March 2015 at the Centre for Life Newcastle, and was held in collaboration with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. The programme included interactive sessions in relation to diet and exercise, research updates, reports on parliamentary progress as well as patient and  guest speakers. To view any of the talks please click on the links below.

Claire Wright discusses family support available from the Lily Foundation.

Dr Brook Galna discusses novel ways to increase activity and exercise

Sister Catherine Feeney discusses symptomatic bowel management.

Professor Turnbull giving an update on Mitochondrial donation.

Jane Newman discusses how to move and exercise safely.

Professor Mike Trenell talking about muscle, movement and health.

Dr Oliver Russell discusses potential new treatments for mitochondrial disease

Dietitian Paula Hynd discussing dietary management of intestinal dysmotility.

Benefits adviser Rosemary Bell giving an introduction to the Personal Independence Payment.

Sandra Van Laar discusses neurological disorders: A psychological approach

Dr Sarah Moore discusses current exercise and referral pathways

Dr Tom Jones discusses: Is it safe for me to exercise? What is the current evidence?

For our YouTube videos of all of our events please click here