Olivia Turner is at Newcastle University undertaking a Fine Art practice-led PhD, funded by the Research Academy of Excellence. Her interdisciplinary practice includes sculpture, performance, video and drawing. Her residency at the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research has been additionally supported by Newcastle University’s Institute of Creative Practice Award. Recent exhibitions include ‘Moving on Out, Moving on Up’, NewBridge Project, Newcastle upon Tyne (2017); Glasgow International (2016). She has recently completed a residency at Great North Museum: Hancock in response to the exhibit ‘Bones’ (2017).

Olivia Turner Statement:
Through the residency at the WCMR, I have been talking to patients who have mitochondrial disease and their experiences have been very inspiring. Symptoms associated with the disease involve impaired vision and hearing, as well as speech and swallowing difficulties. The patients use their bodies to negotiate their condition, offering alternatives modes of perception and communication. In a vision-centred society, we have a lot to learn from the individuals who are highly in-tune with their bodies, using sensorial experience to navigate the world around them.