Dr Oksana Pogoryelova

Clinical Trial Lead


I am medical doctor with a great interest in clinical research in neurology. I did my PhD in stroke genetics soon after I finished my medical degree and internship. I spent several years as a postdoc and senior researcher conducting translational research projects in rare neuromuscular diseases including patient registry, natural history study, clinical trials, health economics study and development of outline of standards of care for GNE myopathy. I also have an experience working for a private biotech company. I joined the Newcastle mitochondrial team at the beginning of 2021 to work on a Phase 2b clinical trial aiming to improve cognitive function in people with mitochondrial disease.

Research Focus


The study (ClinicalTrials.gov identifier NCT04165239) will be a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled, multi-centre, three-way cross-over study for patients with m. 3243A>G mutation and with clinical signs of mitochondrial disease including attentional dysfunction, and fulfilling pre-defined cardiac exclusion criteria, will be randomised over three treatment sequences as assigned by Latin-square. Each group will have 3 treatment periods of 28 days each, separated by 14-day washout periods between treatments. During the 28-day treatment periods, subjects will receive bid oral administration of 50 mg KH176,100 mg KH176, or placebo in the sequence as applicable for the group.