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Laura Greaves


LauraI am a senior research associate working with Professor Doug Turnbull investigating the role of mitochondrial DNA mutations in ageing stem cells and cancer. I am interested in elucidating the mechanisms by which mitochondrial DNA mutations occur and clonally expand within individual cells with age, and the functional consequences of these mutations on cellular homeostasis and tumour development.

I first became interested in mitochondrial genetics in 2002 when I began my PhD studies looking at the presence of mitochondrial DNA mutations in ageing human colonic epithelium. Upon discovering the high frequency of these mutations I wanted to pursue this area further to investigate their functional consequences at the cellular and tissue level, and to determine how they contribute to human ageing.

Research Project

Principal Investigator:  Professor Doug Turnbull

Other staff members involved: Craig Stamp, Mr Seamus Kelly, Dr Iain McCallum

Project Details

Human ageing is characterised by gradual decline in function with reduced cellular metabolism and decreased ability to maintain tissue homeostasis. Central to this process is a decline in stem cell capacity to maintain and repair tissues and an increasing risk of malignant transformation. Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) mutations have been proposed to play a role in ageing and are frequently found in a number of ageing human stem cell populations and also in human tumours. These mtDNA mutations can accumulate within individual cells and eventually cause loss of mitochondrial respiratory chain function.

In this research project we are investigating the mechanism by which mtDNA mutations occur and accumulate to high levels in individual stem cells, and the effects of such mutations on tissue function and malignant transformation/tumour progression. In addition we are utilising mtDNA mutations in lineage tracing of stem cell populations both in normal and tumour tissues.

Contact: laura.greaves@ncl.ac.uk

Sponsor/Funder: Newcastle University Centre for Brain Ageing and Vitality, Northumbria NHS Trust


Dr James Stewart, (Max Plank Institute for the Biology of Ageing – Cologne, Germany)
Professor Nils Goran Larsson, (Max Plank Institute for the Biology of Ageing – Cologne, Germany)
Dr Rakesh Heer (Northern Institute for Cancer Research, Newcastle University)
Dr Karen Blyth (Beatson Institute for Cancer Research, Glasgow)
Professor Konstantin Khrapko (Molecular Gerontology, Harvard University, USA).


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