Latest Psychology Update

Coronavirus: latest psychological advice for patients and families with mitochondrial disease (3rd June 2020)

On 1st June 2020, the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research published updated guidance for people living with a mitochondrial condition who are currently shielding. We recognise that certain restrictions are now being relaxed for some, but for people living with mito there is still a lot to consider, and also to continue to do to maintain safety and wellness.

Firstly, we want to recognise everything you have done and achieved so far. At the beginning of lockdown, the shielding period probably felt unmanageable, scary or strange. At times, it really might have felt this way. One of the things we recognise in our community is the unrelenting bravery and strength of those living with a long-term health condition and their families. We would like you to take a moment to reflect on the challenges you’ve more than likely experienced, but also what you have managed to overcome during these difficult times. It may have also felt at times that it really was unmanageable; we hope that you found opportunities to reach out to those close to you, health professionals and the wider mito community to help you through this difficult time.

It’s very important, now more than ever that we remember an earlier update – FACE COVID (this can be found here). Reminding us where to place our focus, who we can seek for help and support and how we can continue to keep us and those we care for safe and well. It’s also important to build strength and resource for the time in which we emerge from shielding – maybe you can take some time today, tomorrow or this week to think about that time and what resources you might need.

We also wanted to recognise and acknowledge how hard it may continue to feel over the coming weeks. With all of the difficult, painful and concerning news we hear, it’s easy to forget what this pandemic has also shown us – real examples of community, strength, compassion, unity and creativity. It’s important you hold this in mind over the next few weeks, and look for opportunities to foster these experiences. You can do this by staying connected and involved, reaching out to those who can share your knowledge and compassion and also by sharing your successes and challenges with others, only if you feel safe to do so.

So, we wish you all well. As we continue to share these updates, we hope that it’s a reminder of the individual and combined efforts our community is making to care for ourselves and each other.