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Amy Vincent


I completed my undergraduate study at The University of Nottingham, graduating with an upper second class MSci degree in Biochemistry and Genetics in 2013.

I moved to the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research (Newcastle University) in 2013 to complete my PhD, with Professors Doug Tunrbull, Robert Taylor and Dr Rita Barresi. My PhD, spanned a number of projects with the aim to investigate mitochondrial dysfunction in both mitochondrial myopathy and other neuromuscular diseases. The later part of my PhD focused on:  i) understanding the mechanism by which mitochondrial DNA mutations accumulate in age and disease, ii) three-dimensional quantification of the morphology of mitochondria in human skeletal muscle and iii) looking to understand the links between mitochondrial ultrastructure and function.

I completed my PhD in May 2017 and am now a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow working with Professor Sir Doug Turnbull in the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research.

Research Project

Investigating Clonal Expansion of mtDNA mutations in skeletal muscle.
Principal Investigators: Professor Doug Turnbull

Project Details

Mitochondrial DNA mutations and mitochondrial respiratory chain deficiency arise in a mosaic pattern within the skeletal muscle of patients with mitochondrial myopathy. However, they are also found in a number of other myopathies and in ageing skeletal muscle. My work looks to investigate mitochondria dysfunction and associated pathogenic mechanisms in both mitochondrial and other myopathies. This is being approached from three angles:

  1. Understanding how a single mtDNA mutation can accumulate throughout life in skeletal muscle, a process termed clonal expansion.
  2. Investigating what role muscle specific architecture, mitochondrial organisation and morphology has on clonal expansion and the pathogenesis of mitochondrial disease.
  3. Investigating what metabolic and mito-nuclear signalling processes are instigated in respiratory chain deficient muscle fibres.

Contact: amy.vincent@ncl.ac.uk.
Sponsor/funder: Wellcome

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PhD Students:

Julie Faitg
Alex Bury
Valeria De Leo
Charlotte Warren
Megan McNiff
Matthew Hunt


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