Wellcome Trust Centre For Mitochondrial Research

Amy Vincent


I completed my undergraduate study at The University of Nottingham, graduating with an upper second class MSci degree in Biochemistry and Genetics. I have now been at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research for 3 years and am soon to complete my PhD.

Research Project

Investigating mitochondrial dysfunction in mitochondrial myopathies and other myopathies.

Principal Investigators: Professor Robert Taylor, and Professor Doug Turnbull

Project Details

My PhD, has spanned a number of projects with the aim to investigate mitochondrial dysfunction in both mitochondrial myopathy and other neuromuscular diseases. My current work focuses on:  i) understanding the mechanism by which mitochondrial DNA mutations accumulate in age and disease, ii) three-dimensional quantification of the morphology of mitochondria in human skeletal muscle and iii) looking to understand the links between mitochondrial ultrastructure and function

Contact: a.vincent2@newcastle.ac.uk
Sponsor/funder: MRC
Collaborators: Asst. Prof. Martin Picard (Columbia University) and Dr Matt Hall (UCL)
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