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Amy Reeve


Dr Amy ReeveI am a Parkinson’s UK Research Fellow. I perform my own research and supervise students within the lab. I work with Prof. Doug Turnbull who is my supervisor, in addition I work closely with Eve Simcox and Dr. Nichola Lax.

I am motivated to pursue my research interest in mitochondria because I know that the key to understanding what causes Parkinson’s disease lies within the biology of these organelles. I also think that any future hope for new therapeutic interventions will come from understanding the role that mitochondria play in this disease.

Research Project

Principal Investigator: Dr Amy Reeve
Other staff members involved: Eve Simcox

Project Details

I am interested in understanding how mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to the loss of neurons within the substantia nigra. This death of brain cells causes Parkinson’s disease, which affects over 100,000 people within the UK.

I am primarily interested in finding out how mitochondrial dysfunction might lead to this loss of neurons and why these cells seem to be particularly sensitive to mitochondrial defects. Mitochondrial dysfunction will lead to the dysregulation of a number of neuronal processes including calcium handling, synaptic transmission and protein degradation. I am investigating how all these processes interact to cause the loss of cells in this brain region.

Email: amy.reeve@ncl.ac.uk
Sponsor/Funder: Medical Research Council and The Centre for Brain Ageing and Vitality
Collaborators: Prof J. Surmeier, Northwestern University Chicago


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