Wellcome Trust Centre For Mitochondrial Research

Pavandeep Rai



Pavandeep is a research at the WCMR and is in the final stages of completing her PhD. Her work focuses on drug development, in collaboration with the pharmaceutical company Novartis. There are currently no curative treatments for mitochondrial disease and Pavandeep has developed several drug screens to identify new compounds that could be used to treat the disorder.

Reason for involvement in the Valence art project

Pavandeep initially approached Fine Art with the proposal for a collaboration after observing the difficulties that researchers face in making their work accessible and engaging to a wider audience. By forming an interactive collaboration whereby artists and researchers combine their vision of mitochondrial disease and its effect, it is hoped that a fresh perspective will be brought to the understanding that visitors to the exhibition will gain from the work. The installations will also raise questions and promote discussion about the areas of mitochondrial research that have inspired each of the artists.