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Philippa Hepplewhite


PhilMy role within the Mitochondrial Research Group is a Research Technician, providing support to Professor Doug Turnbull’s group in all areas of histology. I work alongside Dr Nichola Lax on projects focusing on the neuropathology of mitochondrial disease, and assist in the training of students in histological techniques.

I initially trained as a Biomedical Scientist in a diagnostic laboratory, before moving on to pursue an interest in research and taking a post with the Mitochondrial Research Group. Having worked with Nichola throughout her PhD, I have become more involved in research into neuropathology of mitochondrial disease, and find it a very interesting and challenging area of research to be involved in.

Research Project

Neuropathology of Mitochondrial Disease

Principal Investigator: Professor Doug Turnbull
Other staff members involved:  Dr Nichola Lax

Project Details

Mitochondrial disease is one of the most frequently inherited neurological disorders, with affected individuals demonstrating a range of clinical features such as ataxia, seizures, cognitive decline, blindness and stroke.

Mutations of mtDNA can arise as a consequence of faults in the mtDNA replication process, or via maternal inheritance. The result is an impairment of the oxidative phosphorylation pathway, responsible for conversion of glucose in to ATP, and therefore reduced availability of ATP for cellular metabolic function.

Brain, nerves and muscle are particularly susceptible, as being highly metabolically active these cells have a high energy demand. Pathology observed in the brain of affected individuals includes atrophy, neuron loss, lesions, white matter demyelination, gliosis and vascular changes.

Our work attempts to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying these changes, and investigate the relationship between neuropathology and mitochondrial dysfunction. Our hope is that a greater understanding of disease progression could potentially open doors in terms of potential treatment strategies for these patients

Contact: Philippa.hepplewhite@ncl.ac.uk
Sponsor/Funder: Newcastle Biomedical Research Centre


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