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The Leigh Network is a charity set up by Faye Wylie and brings together families affected by mitochondrial diseases, so they can support each other as well as share stories and information. They support families all over the country and hold meetings throughout the UK. These meetings aren’t just about sharing information, they are about having fun together and making some positive memories.

The next Leigh Network meeting will be on Saturday June 3rd at the Glasgow Science Centre. This venue has good access for wheelchair users and there will be some refreshments provided. Families will get the chance to explore the Science Centre as well as meeting each other during our Mito Meeting, which will take place in a quieter area of the venue.

Leigh Network fundraises throughout the year to pay for tickets for their families to enjoy these fun days out and to help families keep costs down.

If you and your family would like to go along or have any queries you can email Faye at leighnetwork@hotmail.co.uk. The Network also has a Facebook group called ‘Leigh Network’ and you can ask to join this group and see what they get up to throughout the year.

If you are interested in attending the Family Fun Day in Glasgow, please let Faye know by May 15th so she can make sure everyone has a ticket.

For more information about the Leigh Network please see the leaflet below

Leigh Network information leaflet