I have completed all my studies in UQAM University, Montréal, CANADA. My undergraduate study was in Biology with specialization in Toxicology. Following that, I undertook a Master’s degree in Biology in the laboratory of Dr Gilles Gouspillou, in muscular and mitochondrial physiology. Trying to understand the effects of aging  and  caloric  restriction on mitochondrial  morphology  and  dynamics  in  rat  oxidative  and  glycolytic  muscles. During this time, I developed an interest in mitochondrial morphology and dysfunction.

Following this, I am now pursuing a PhD, which involves investigating mitochondrial morphology in skeletal muscle using electron microscopy.

Research Project

Characterization mitochondrial morphology in skeletal muscle using electron microscopy

Principal Investigators: Professor Doug Turnbull, Dr Grainne Gorman, Dr Amy Vincent and Dr Kathryn White

Project Details

This study aims to systematically assess mitochondrial morphology in skeletal muscle using electron microscopy. Trying to correlate some of the recent findings in mitochondrial morphology using 3D electron microscopy techniques with biochemical dysfunction of mitochondria, with a focus on a current drug trial.

The project will have two mains parts:

  1. To optimise methods for detecting respiratory chain deficiency in association with EM in mouse and human skeletal muscle
  2. To use the above technique to analyse morphology in skeletal muscle samples from patients with m.3243.A>G and single, large-scale mtDNA deletions pre and post treatments with Acipimox or placebo control.


Sponsor/funder: Wellcome Trust/MDC

[Skeletal muscle aging and mitochondrial dysfunction: an update]. Julie  Faitg, Olivier  Reynaud, Jean-Philippe  Leduc-Gaudet, Gilles  Gouspillou Med Sci (Paris) 33 (11) 955-962 (2017) DOI: 10.1051/medsci/20173311012