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Hannah Rosa


HannahI completed my undergraduate study at Newcastle University with a first class MSci degree in Biomedical Sciences before beginning my PhD. I have previously worked in a few university labs undertaking a summer project with Dr. Gabriele Saretzki investigating TERT localization in Alzheimer’s Disease brain tissue before looking at the role of CD44 in the various forms of Dementia with Dr. Chris Morris for my final year project.  It was during the last year of my undergraduate degree that I was introduced to mitochondrial disease and became interested in the conditions, in particular the neurological aspects.

Research Project

Determining the Nature and Mechanisms of Progression of Mitochondrial DNA Disease

Principal Investigators: Professor Doug Turnbull and Professor Robert Taylor
Other staff members involved: Dr Helen Tuppen

Project Details

Investigating the genetic and cellular changes which occur over time in patients with mitochondrial DNA disease. Identifying the aspects of mitochondrial biology which are altered over the course of these diseases may help to determine the mechanisms behind progression. In the long run these mechanisms may be used as targets for potential therapies and treatments. Given the high prevalence of mitochondrial DNA diseases, understanding how a patients worsening symptoms are related to fundamental mitochondrial and cellular changes could improve the quality of life of the many people affected by these disorders.

Contact: hannah.rosa@ncl.ac.uk

Sponsor/funder: The Barbour Foundation