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Ghazaleh Alimohammadiha


I’ve completed my undergraduate studies in Physiology and Pharmacology from University of Leicester. I then pursued my MSc and PhD at Newcastle University investigating the effect of exercise on aged mice and mice model of mitochondrial disease.

I had always been interested in finding out answers to the biological processes leading our health during ageing and have been fortunate to work in this area of research since a very young age. I have been introduced to the field of mitochondrial biology during my undergraduate project in which I investigated mitochondrial induced Ischaemia reperfusion injury.

My current research project enables investigation of cardiac function and metabolic measurements in exercised and sedentary mice over a period of 6 months.


Research Project

Defining the molecular and physiological link between ageing, mitochondrial mutations and cardiac disease and their malleability with exercise training

Principal Investigators: Dr Laura Greaves, Dr Djordje Jakovljevic, Dr Fiona Oakley


Project Details

Age-related cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of mortality and hospitalisation in the UK. Structural and functional changes in the heart as well as alterations in complex network of molecular signalling are evident with age. These changes can have significant impact on the quality of life as we age. The exact molecular mechanism of cardiac ageing is not yet fully understood.

The mitochondria have a key role in energy production and in the growth and regulation of cardiac bioenergetics arrangements. Because the heart is a muscle with high aerobic metabolism demand, most patients with mitochondrial disease are susceptible to cardiac myopathies. The current mortality rate due to cardiovascular disease is as high as 71% in children and infants with mitochondrial disease. I am currently using a premature ageing mouse model of mitochondrial disease to provide direct evidence for critical molecular mechanisms involved in cardiac ageing.


Email: g.alimohammadiha1@ncl.ac.uk

Sponsor/Funder: The Barbour Foundation, MRC