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Elizabeth Stephen


My undergraduate study was in Biotechnology. Following that I undertook an MRes in Medical Genetics. I am interested in Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and as part of my MRes research project, I worked with Dr Amy Reeve to characterise the effect of mitochondrial dysfunction on dopaminergic neurons. This developed my interest in mitochondria and paved way for my current PhD project.

Research Project

Deletion formation and clonal expansion in post mitotic tissue

Principal InvestigatorsProfessor Sir Doug Turnbull and Dr Amy Reeve

Project Details

Mitochondrial DNA deletions occur within a number of post mitotic tissues with advancing age, including the musculature and the brain. Mitochondrial DNA deletions may reach 50% within these tissues and has been linked to degeneration of these tissues in old age. In PD, these deletions are increased. Although these mutations are well characterised, the definitive mechanism for their formation and expansion to high levels is unknown. The aim of my PhD studentship is to understand this.

Email: E.Stephen1@newcastle.ac.uk

Sponsor/Funder: MRC, CAV, Barbour