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Ahmad Alahmad


I am a PhD student studying under the supervision of Professor Robert Taylor, Dr Robert McFarland and Professor Rita Horvath. My passion for genetics has driven me to obtain a BSc Genetics degree from California State University Stanislaus and was later employed at the Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre for 3 years. I worked in the Kuwait Newborn Screening Program during that time before continuing my postgraduate studies and was awarded an MSc Molecular Genetics and Diagnostics degree from the University of Nottingham. I worked for an extra year at the Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre before starting my PhD studies at Newcastle University.

Research Project

Mitochondrial disorders in Kuwait

Principal InvestigatorsProfessor Robert TaylorDr. Robert McFarland and Professor Rita Horvath

Project Details

Mitochondrial genetics are widely understudied in Kuwait where levels of consanguinity exceeding 50% have been observed. Prevalence of inherited disorders amongst consanguineous populations is often higher than in non-consanguineous populations. Possible founder mutations retained within these consanguineous gene pools increases the likelihood of autosomal recessive disorders observed amongst these families. Studying the prevalence, genetics and aetiology of mitochondrial disorders in this understudied country presents the opportunity of identifying novel Mendelian causes of mitochondrial disorders.

Email: a.alahmad@newcastle.ac.uk

Sponsor/Funder: Kuwait Cultural Office London / Kuwait Ministry of Health