Wellcome Trust Centre For Mitochondrial Research

Agata Rozanska


agataI work as a Research Assistant and I am completing a PhD in Professor Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers and Professor Robert Lightowlers laboratory. I am involved in mitochondrial DNA expression research. My studies are focused on proteins regulating mt-mRNA stability and assembly process of monosome.

There have been a growing number of publications reporting the role of mitochondrial dysfunction on cell vitality and human health. Pursuing studies in mitochondrial biology is a significant contribution into understanding how cells function and regulate homeostasis.

Research Project

Regulation of Post-Transcriptional Processes and Translation in Human Mitochondria

Principal Investigators:  Professor Zofia Chrzanowska-Lightowlers and Professor Robert Lightowlers
Other staff members involved: Dr Helen Tuppen

Project Details

I am involved in mitochondrial translation process research. My studies are focused on three proteins that are involved in mitoribosome biogenesis and RNA stability. I investigate their role in mitochondrial gene expression, using a broad range of techniques, which allows me to study how these proteins influence and modulate process of mitochondrial proteins synthesis. I assess their ability to bind mitochondrial RNA species, identify specific sequence or sequences to which the protein has high affinity.

Email: agata.rozanksa@ncl.ac.uk
Sponsor/Funder: BBSRC, James Knott
Collaborators: Prof. Agnès Rötig