I joined the Mitochondrial Research Group in 2014 as a Research Technician. I am based at the research laboratories at the Institute of Genetic Medicine. My role is to provide technical support to Professor Patrick Chinnery’s group and other Principal Investigators based at the Institute, through high throughput genotyping and sequencing to investigate mitochondrial and neurological diseases.

I work alongside Jonathan Coxhead, Vaselieos Floros, Angela Pyle, and Gavin Hudson.

I bring experience of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS), in particular Illumina Sequencing and operate the group’s MiSeq platform. This is of particular interest to Gavin Hudson who is using this to investigate how naturally occurring mtDNA variation appears to be associated with both Parkinson’s disease (PD) onset and progression

Along with my colleague, Jennifer Duff, other duties include providing laboratory support to all the research staff and assisting her in the day to day running of the laboratories.

Research Project

Investigating mitochondrial and neurological diseases using high throughput genotyping and sequencing.

Principal Investigators: Professor Patrick Chinnery 
Contact: [email protected]